Work in Progress: Interactive Comics of Some Sort

I really want to pick up my old unfinished comic projects and do something with them, but I have zero interest in creating a physical book to sell at conventions and I work too damn slow to keep any readership on a webcomic. I figure it will be much more interesting to create something digital that is heavily tied to physical inked art.

This is a quick test to see how panels transition from one screen to the next in an interesting fashion. It’s built in Flash, with the intent to move to the iPad later down the road. The first batch of content will be linear, but I hope to branch out into more interactive works.

Check it out:

I’m really happy with the initial results, so know it’s on to actually finishing up the art and making some additions to account for the new format. I’ve got 3 existing stories that I’m hoping to give a new home this way.